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from Shime Board

Shika no Issoku Shime

(Armbar takedown, leg and hammer lock)
  1. As uke throws a straight right punch, move to the left side and outside capture block uke’s wrist with your right hand.
  2. Twist uke’s arm clockwise and pull it down while executing an ulna/tricep press takedown with your left hand.
  3. When uke is facedown on floor, maintain hold on uke’s wrist as you stomp on back of uke’s right thigh with your left heel.
  4. Catch uke’s right foot with your left hand and circle your left leg clockwise around the held foot.
  5. Sink down onto your left knee, keeping the lower part of your leg tight into the back of uke’s knee joint.
  6. With uke’s foot in your belly/chest, lean forward onto uke’s back as you apply hammer lock to uke’s arm with your right hand.