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from Shime Board

Shidare Fuji Shime

(Miss Tomoe Nage, big toe strangle, throw)
  1. Attempt Tomoe Nage (from Nage Te board). Uke counters by squatting slightly.
  2. With your left foot, check uke’s right hip hard.
  3. Slide your right foot up uke’s chest and hook your big toe into base of uke’s throat (or stab toe into uke’s adam’s apple).
  4. Maintain tight grip at elbow and lapel until uke submits.
  5. Shift your right hand to grab uke’s lower left leg. Slide your left foot off uke’s hip and hook it behind uke’s right lower leg.
  6. Drive up and back with your right foot as you pull with your right hand and left foot to force uke into a hard backfall.