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from Shime Board

Ashi Yubi Shime

(Throw and apply foot and toe lock)
  1. Throw uke Deashi Harai (see Nage Te board). As you throw, sweep uke’s foot up and into your right hand.
  2. Begin to apply foot and toe lock by bending uke’s toes toward his heel while pushing slightly away from you.
  3. Step your right foot between uke’s legs and set your foot down at uke’s right side (near arm pit) so that both your feet are at uke’s side.
  4. Tuck your toes in under uke’s side and sit down as tightly as you can to uke’s bottom. Uke’s leg is now trapped in your arm pit and between your legs.
  5. Pinch uke’s thigh between your thighs as you squeeze/fold uke’s toes and foot toward uke’s heel and push the heel away from you.
  6. Keep the foot close to your chest throughout the art. Exit cleanly and safely once uke submits.